How Much is Rubbish Removal in Brisbane?

Controlling Rubbish Removal Costs in Brisbane, Australia

Dealing with residential and commercial rubbish removal can be a real hassle for Brisbane residents.

As all types of waste and unwanted items pile up around your home and building, you probably wonder how much will it cost to get rid of all this junk.

This guide provides an overview of rubbish removal prices in Brisbane.

Also, our friendly team at Eco Rubbish Removal Brisbane has listed some tips to keep your costs low.

Brisbane Rubbish Removal is Time-Consuming and Costly

For Brisbane households and businesses, managing household waste, liquid waste, and green waste is an endless chore. Our busy lifestyles and consumption of packaged goods lead to constantly accumulating rubbish like packaging, broken items, and general clutter. The average Brisbane home generates over 1 tonne of rubbish removal jobs per year.

With limited Council bin details, there’s often excess commercial waste that won’t fit. Taking multiple trailers or ute loads to the tip yourself is inconvenient and time-consuming. Renting bins, trailers or utes also adds costs. Plus, certain items like mattresses, chemicals, and electronics need proper management to avoid fines.

For most Brisbane residents, keeping on top of waste is a thankless, unending task. Wouldn’t it be nice if your rubbish could conveniently disappear without any effort?

Hire a Brisbane Rubbish Removal Company

The good news is you can make garden waste virtually vanish by hiring a professional skip bin and rubbish removal service here in Brisbane. These companies send trucks and crews to collect any type of residential or commercial rubbish and dispose of it responsibly.

Benefits of using a Brisbane rubbish removal company include:

  • Saves you time – No need for multiple trips to the dump.
  • Saves your back – No lifting of heavy objects like broken furniture.
  • Provides convenience – Flexible booking times.
  • Complies with regulations – Experts handle tricky household rubbish.
  • Cleans thoroughly – Crews remove all debris and clean up.

With junk removal pros, waste conveniently disappears in one appointment. Now let’s examine the factors that influence average cost.

What Affects the Price of Brisbane Rubbish Removal?

Like other option services, Brisbane green waste removal rates depend on:

Amount of Unwanted Rubbish

The more junk you have, the higher the removal fees. Estimates are often based on volume – the number of bins or ute/trailer loads needed. More rubbish means more bins and higher costs.

Type of Rubbish

Some waste costs more to dispose of. Concrete removal requires heavy labour and special transportation. Hazardous items like chemicals, batteries, and bulky objects also cost extra to handle properly.


Street-level waste drop-off is cheaper than hauling down long driveways or stairs. Using equipment like cranes to access tricky spots also adds labor fees.

Distance to Landfills

Further transport to tips means higher fuel costs factored into removal fees. A local dump is cheaper than a distant one. Proximity to disposal sites impacts the price.

Now let’s look at typical price ranges.

Average Garbage Management Pricing in Brisbane

It’s hard to quote exact garbage solution pricing due to variables. But here are the general price ranges in Brisbane:


Removing a couple of bags of household junk or small items may cost a minimum charge of $50 – $150 per cubic metre on average. This covers 30 minutes – 1 hour of labour plus fees.


Clearing out a room, shed or garage starts around $150 – $350 per cubic metre. usually 1-2 hours of work.


Full house/office clearances or big projects run $300 – $1000+ per cubic metre. Also, renting multiple bins and higher volumes and bulky items makes it more expensive.

Extra Services

Additional services like providing bins, waste separation, access challenges, or hauling upstairs cost $50 – $200+ depending on specifics.

Prices scale up with volume and service requirements but are fairly predictable. Now for tips on controlling average cost.

Tips for Lowering Your Brisbane Removal Bill

Follow these tips to save on waste removal in Brisbane:

  • Declutter often to prevent massive junk buildups.
  • Recycle as much as possible – lower rates.
  • Separate hazardous and electronic items.
  • Gather rubbish into one centralised pile.
  • Ensure clear access to the rubbish area.
  • Book during business hours for lower rates.
  • Get 3+ quotes to compare prices.
  • Ask about first-time customer specials.
  • Inquire about volume discounts for large jobs.

Scheduling waste removal into your routine is the best way to control costs. Last-minute emergency cleanouts typically cost more. Also, build regular decluttering into your schedule to save.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do Brisbane removal companies take?

Most collect almost any residential or commercial rubbish. Furniture, yard waste, construction debris, office clutter, appliances like washing machine, etc. Exceptions are toxic chemicals, asbestos, and other hazardous waste like gas bottle.

Do they handle appliance management?

Yes, they will do the collection of fridge, AC units, washers, etc. A small fee may apply to drain refrigerant gases.

Can I get cheaper rates for separated recyclables?

Some companies offer slightly lower rates for separated scrap metal, paper, etc. But the savings may not warrant the extra work on your end.

Who cleans up the area afterward?

Reputable companies will sweep and tidy the area, leaving it spotless. Also, confirm who handles the final cleanup when getting a quote.

How do I choose the best Brisbane rubbish remover?

Look for removers with excellent customer reviews. Verify they are licensed and insured. Get a written upfront quote. Established companies are the most reliable.


As we’ve seen, rubbish removal costs in Brisbane vary based on volume, waste type, accessibility, and distance to designated facilities.

While prices range widely, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 for small removals up to $1000+ for major cleanouts.

Controlling costs comes down to careful preparation.

Indeed, decluttering regularly, recycling properly, comparing quotes, and scheduling removals to avoid last-minute emergencies.

With some planning and research, you can keep your Brisbane removal bill affordable.

Hiring our experienced team of professionals takes the headache out of waste management.

Your junk vanishes quickly and conveniently so you can focus on more important things.