Builders Rubbish Removal Brisbane

If you’re looking to get rid of leftover debris and waste materials from a construction site or renovation project, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the hassle and headache that comes with clearing out junk and rubbish after completing a big building job. At Eco Rubbish Removal Brisbane, we specialize in professional builders waste removal job and make the process quick, easy, and affordable.

With over 10 years of experience, we are fully licensed and insured to safely and legally transport all your builders’ waste. We provide same-day rubbish removal services in Brisbane City and surrounding areas and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our friendly team handles everything from debris and spoil removal to disposing of unwanted items and waste.

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The Removal Process

Here is what you can expect when you book us for your builders clean up and waste removal:

  1. Contact us to schedule a site visit and quote. We can provide quotes over the phone too for smaller jobs.
  2. Our team will arrive on time with the necessary equipment – truck, bins, tools, PPE.
  3. We walk through and assess the rubbish, provide any advice, and start loading up promptly.
  4. All debris is safely transported and disposed of at a licensed facility. Recycling is maximized.
  5. We do a final sweep of the site to ensure everything is cleaned out before leaving.
  6. You can relax knowing your site is clear and the rubbish is gone for good!


Choosing professional junk hauling services for your construction debris provides many advantages:

  • Saves you time and hassle doing it yourself
  • No need to rent tools, trucks, or bins
  • Safer than DIY – reduces injury risks
  • Legally transported and disposed of
  • Maximizes recycling/reuse opportunities
  • Avoids fines for illegal dumping
  • Cleans out clutter so projects can be completed
  • Peace of mind knowing the rubbish is gone for good

The only minor risks are potential property damage and noise/disturbance from loading, which we take steps to prevent.

Signs You Need Builders Rubbish Removal

Here are some clear indicators it’s time to call for professional builders clean up and debris removal:

  • Leftover heavy lifting construction materials and excess supplies
  • Old cabinets, flooring, walls and other demo waste
  • Concreate rubble, bricks, asphalt
  • Dirt, soil, and spoil from excavation
  • Scrap wood, metal, and other mixed debris
  • Broken glass and tiles
  • Drywall/gyprock offcuts
  • Wrapping and packaging waste
  • Tools and equipment no longer needed
  • Any other junk left over after building

Don’t let the clutter pile up! Call us today to schedule affordable builders waste removal.

Types of Rubbish We Remove

Our rubbish removalists handle all types of builders waste and construction debris, including:

  • Bricks, concrete, asphalt
  • Scrap metal and wood offcuts
  • Drywall, plasterboard
  • Old insulation and flooring
  • Dirt, gravel, spoil
  • Glass, tile, and porcelain
  • Pipes, wiring, conduits
  • Packaging materials
  • Old equipment, appliances, furniture
  • Garden waste from land clearing

As long as it’s not hazardous waste, we can remove it! We’ll dispose of everything properly with maximized recycling.

Our Construction Waste Removal Services

Our experienced team provides comprehensive removal services to handle all unwanted junk from construction and renovation projects:

  • Full site and yard cleanups
  • Loading and hauling away debris
  • Waste recycling anddonations
  • Residential and commercial waste removal
  • Apartment and office cleanouts
  • Demolition waste clearouts
  • Green waste and tree removal
  • Estate and garage clearouts
  • Hot tub and shed demolition
  • Labour for helping load junk
  • Same day emergency rubbish removal
  • Provide bins, trucks, tools
  • Remove and dispose of illegally dumped builder’s waste

We’re your one-stop shop for fast, responsible builders waste removal in Brisbane.

How to Prepare for Your Removal

To ensure your builders rwaste removal goes smoothly, keep these tips in mind:

  • Clear a path and access to debris piles for our team
  • Have approvals or permits ready if required
  • Remove vehicles and block access if needed
  • Provide details on waste type and quantity
  • Plan timing that works for your schedule
  • Keep pets indoors for their safety

Proper prep makes for an efficient removal process! Let us know if you have any other special requirements.

Risks and Restrictions to Note

  • Permitting – Some Councils require approval to remove certain waste
  • Access issues – Narrow lanes, low trees, locked gates, etc
  • Parking limitations – Ensure we can park removal truck
  • Tight spaces – Use mini excavator for small access areas
  • Neighbor disturbances – We work to minimize noise/mess
  • Overhead dangers – Check for powerlines if using crane services

We’ll discuss any restrictions unique to your site at the time of booking. Safety is our top priority.


How much does your construction waste removal service cost?

Our pricing is based on the volume of waste to be removed. We provide upfront quotes after assessing the rubbish onsite. Larger loads may have flat rate pricing.

What areas do you service?

We cover all areas of Brisbane and the greater Brisbane region.

Do you recycle materials?

Yes! We maximize recycling by separating and diverting metals, wood, concrete and other materials from landfills.

Do you take care of legal disposal?

Absolutely. We are fully licensed to legally transport and dispose of builders rubbish at approved facilities. No need to worry!

What if I only have a small load?

No problem! We’re happy to come out for smaller builder’s waste removal jobs of just a few cubic yards or less.

Rave Reviews

“Eco team was a massive help after our home renovation. They came and cleared all our building debris quickly and for a fair price.” – Sarah D.

“I give this company 5 stars. They brought a big team and large truck to remove all the construction junk left on my property by contractors.” – Mark K.

“I had to demolish an old shed and concrete slab in my yard. This company came and disposed of all the rubble efficiently. Would highly recommend.” – Lucas T.

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