10 Tips on Choosing the Right Waste Removal Company

Take a Step in Finding Your Perfect Partner in Rubbish Removal

Doing a big clean-up around the home and office often means you’ll have a pile of rubbish to dispose of.

While you can take smaller loads to your local garbage facility, hiring a skip bin and rubbish removal company is the most convenient option for big clearouts.

But not all rubbish removal companies are created equal.

Choosing the wrong provider can mean you pay over the odds, get poor quality of service, or even find your garbage  isn’t disposed of properly.

To help you pick the perfect reliable company for your needs, here are professional junk removalists’ top 10 tips on what to look for.

1. Choose a Company that Offers Flexible and Convenient Bookings

The first thing to consider is how easy the company makes it for you to book their garbage removal services. The best companies provide various options such as:

  • Online bookings – The first step, you should be able to get a quote and book online 24/7. No need to play phone tag during business hours.
  • Same or next day service – Good providers can dispatch a team the same day or next day.
  • Flexible collection times – Choose a company that can collect your rubbish whenever suits you – early morning, evenings or weekends.
  • One-off and regular services – Opt for a provider that offers both one-time clear outs as well as regular garbage removal services.

Booking quickly, conveniently and at a time that suits you makes the whole rubbish removal process much less stressful!

2. Look for Competitive and Transparent Affordable Price

The cost of hiring a rubbish removalist can really vary, so it pays to shop around and compare pricing structures:

  • Upfront quotes – A good company will provide quotes online or over the phone before sending out a truck. Beware any company that won’t provide quotes in advance.
  • Fixed fees – Some charge a fixed rate depending on the type and size of garbage to be removed (e.g. 1 bedroom apartment). This makes budgeting easy.
  • By weight – Alternatively some bill you per weight of rubbish disposed of. This may work out cheaper for smaller loads.
  • No hidden fees – Steer clear of any company that adds sneaky fuel surcharges. Also, other unexpected additional costs after they have your rubbish.
  • Discount coupons – To save money, look out for first-time user promo codes and seasonal special offers.

Opting for a company that provides fair and transparent pricing makes your rubbish removal experience better all round. You’ll avoid ‘bill shock’ and know you’re getting good value.

3. Choose a Company that Recycles and Donates Where Possible

One person’s trash is another’s treasure! When choosing a rubbish removal firm, consider their approach to recycling and minimising landfill garbage:

  • Recycling facilities – Many companies now sort and recycle rubbish at specialized facilities instead of just taking it to landfill. Look for one that recycles as much type of waste as possible.
  • Donations to charity – Some allow charities and thrift shops to collect any good stuff before recycling the rest. This gives household items a second life.
  • Responsible rubbish disposal – Ensure the company disposes of hazardous waste like paints, chemicals and batteries responsibly and safely.
  • Reporting – Ask if they can provide recycling reports so you can see the environmental impact.

Going green feels good! Choosing an eco-friendly rubbish removalist means you can declutter guilt-free.

4. Select a Company that Offers Add-On Services

As well as standard garbage removal, some rubbish removal companies provide other excellent service such as:

  • Council clean up assistance – Help collecting larger household materials to be picked up by council trucks.
  • Garage, shed and attic clear outs – Clearing cluttered storage spaces.
  • Furniture removal – Lifting and taking away furniture like mattresses.
  • Appliance removal – Uninstalling and removing old fridges, washing machines etc.
  • E-waste disposal – Responsibly disposing electronics like computers and TVs.
  • Timber and green waste removal – Taking away gardening waste.
  • Pre-move out cleans – Cleaning the property before moving out.

The right add-on service can save you time and effort. It can be ideal if you need help moving or cleaning up outside the home too.

5. Check Reviews and Ratings Thoroughly

Online reviews from previous customer are one of the best ways to tell if a rubbish removal provider offers an excellent range of services. Some key things to look for include:

  • Overall rating – Obviously a higher star rating indicates happier clients. Be wary of any company with less than 4 stars.
  • Number of reviews – More customer reviews suggest an established company with plenty of experience
  • Recent reviews – Check reviews are recent and ongoing, not just dated five years ago.
  • Negative reviews – Occasional negative reviews are normal, but look for responses explaining how issues were resolved.
  • Review sites – Expand your search beyond the company’s own website to include third party review sites for balanced feedback.

Taking a close look at reviews helps avoid potential issues. Also, it shows which companies have a proven record of providing reliable garbage removal services.

6. Opt for a Company that Employs Their Own Staff

Some garbage removal companies employ their own specialist team, while others subcontract out work. Here’s why hiring a junk removal company with its own staff is preferable:

  • Accountability – You’ll be dealing directly with the company if any problems occur, rather than a third party.
  • Trained staff – Companies have better control over training when they employ their own garbage removal teams.
  • No extra fees – Subcontractors sometimes charge extra costs that the hiring company has no control over.
  • Easier to check licences – Dealing with just one company means only one set of licences to verify.
  • Ongoing work – Employed staff are less likely to disappear halfway through an ongoing project.

Sticking to a rubbish removal firm that manages its own staff means less potential issues and complications down the track.

7. Verify Licences, Coverage and Permits

Before booking any rubbish removal service, it’s essential to check they have the right licences and coverage in place:

  • Waste transport licence – This ensures the company is registered to transport and handle rubbish and a wide range of waste products. All professional garbage removers should have this.
  • Public liability insurance – This covers your property in case of any damages. Avoid companies that operate without it.
  • Workers compensation – Check staff are covered for accidents or injuries on the job.
  • Council permit – For removing larger household stuff, a council clean up permit may be required. Not all companies have this.

Taking these precautions ensures you’re working with a legitimate operator and reduces risks of issues arising. Don’t be afraid to ask to see copies of their licences.

8. Choose a Company with Great Service

A good service can make a big difference to your rubbish removal experience:

  • Phone and email support – There should be various ways to get in touch and get queries answered.
  • Friendly staff – Look for companies where reviews mention polite, courteous and helpful staff.
  • Clear quotes – Opt for transparent quotes provided in a prompt and professional manner.
  • SMS notifications – Many now provide SMS updates on the collection day etc which is handy.
  • Support removing rubbish – Good staff will proactively assist you with loading up the truck.
  • No pressure selling – Avoid any company whose staff try to pressure you into adding extra unnecessary services.

Great service shows a company genuinely cares about providing an excellent experience. This gives you peace of mind from your first enquiry through to the completion of rubbish removal.

9. Select a Company with a Good Record

Experience counts when it comes to rubbish removal. Look for providers with:

  • Long time in business – Choose an established company that’s been operating locally for many years.
  • Large customer base – An extensive existing client base suggests reliable service.
  • Specialised expertise – Look for companies focusing solely on professional garbage removal rather than ‘jack of all trades’.
  • Affiliations – Memberships with industry bodies demonstrates credibility and commitment.
  • Case studies – Read examples on their website of previous clear outs they’ve performed to get an idea of their capabilities.

Their track record gives an indication of the scale of service they can provide. Opting for an experienced garbage removal firm means a smoother process.

10. Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, once you’ve done your homework on potential garbage removers, it’s important to listen to your gut:

  • Visit their website – Does it look professional? Are details like pricing and FAQs clear?
  • Read reviews – Do other clients describe issues or say it felt dodgy?
  • Ask questions – Did staff answer your queries respectfully and knowledgeably?
  • Compare providers – Weigh up the overall offering side by side. Does one seem better than the others?

If a company just doesn’t feel right, don’t second guess yourself. After reviewing the facts, ultimately you should go with whichever junk removal business inspires the most trust. Also, it gives you confidence they’ll provide a 5 star service.

So there you have my 10 top tips for choosing the perfect garbage removal experts for your needs! Taking the time to find the right provider can save you money, reduce stress, and ensure fast and professional service.

To recap, look for a company that:

  • Makes booking fast and convenient
  • Provides fair and transparent pricing
  • Takes an eco-friendly approach
  • Offers add-on services you need
  • Has consistently great reviews
  • Hires their own specialist staff
  • Has all required licences and insurances
  • Delivers exceptional customer service
  • Has an extensive record
  • Gives you a good vibe

We all have to deal with junk and waste from time to time. But choosing the right professional rubbish remover can transform anything into a simple, smooth and hassle-free experience.

So be sure to keep these tips in mind next time you need to use a garbage removalist. Taking the time to find the perfect provider for your needs will ensure exceptional service and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do I need to give a rubbish removal provider?

Most removal companies can offer quite flexible booking times. However for non-urgent clear outs, it’s best to book 2-3 days in advance. This is to ensure they can fit you into their schedule. For larger loads, up to 1 week’s notice is preferable.

Can I get a rubbish removal quote over the phone?

Yes, most companies are happy to provide quotes over the phone. This is once they know details like the type and estimated volume of garbage to be removed. Getting a quote in advance ensures no surprises when it comes time to pay.

What things can’t be taken by a rubbish removal expert?

Companies cannot dispose of anything deemed toxic, hazardous or illegal waste, including asbestos, chemicals, paint, tyres, car batteries and food waste. For these you’ll need to contact your local council waste facility. Most standard household junk removalists also don’t take away building materials.

What do rubbish removal companies do with my junk?

Reputable companies will sort and recycle as much of your garbage as possible. Any good quality, reusable things may go to charities. Leftover waste gets taken to waste management facilities, recycling policy plants or green waste centres rather than directly to landfill.

Can I deduct rubbish removal from my taxes?

If you use a garbage removal service related to earning income. Like rental property clean ups or deceased estate clear outs. You may be able to claim it as a tax deduction. Best to check with your accountant. For personal clear outs, you cannot deduct it from your taxes.


Decluttering and disposing of rubbish is rarely anyone’s idea of a good time.

But by doing your research and choosing the right garbage removal professionals, it can actually be a swift, stress-free and even environmentally friendly experience.

With so many junk removal firms out there, take your time to find one that suits your situation.

Focus on companies with fair pricing, great service and responsible waste practices.